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This bookmark has a glass dome with a carving of the lotus flower. It measures 17 mm by 120 mm in diameter. The most important meaning of the lotus flower is the purity of the body and soul, and that is why it is one of the most important Buddhist symbols. With this bookmark you can have a constant reminder to keep your body and spirit in complete balance.

Avalokiteshvara pendant

It is a carved pendant in wood. Ideal for hanging in the rearview mirror of the car, on the wall or anywhere else where you want to have some extra positive energy. It is a great gift for people who are interested in the Buddhist culture. Avalokiteshvara is the Buddha of compassion. Its four arms indicate that it is the synthesis of all the Buddhas of the four directions. To know more about Leading Buddhist Artefacts And Ritual Items Wholesalers in Singapore, seek help online.

Planning your own funeral

It is necessary to arrive punctually to the funeral. It is our best way to show respect to the deceased and his near ones. It is better not to laugh loudly. In fact it is not time to laugh, but to maintain the seriousness. A wake is not a place to go with children. It is indeed not the time that they are playing with the mobile or the portable console with the background music, making races with cars or playing ball. There are various service providers good at funeral services singapore.

The best thing if you go to a wake is to be a prudent time, unless it is really intimate of the deceased. Being there for hours is not going to make people think you feel more or less the absence. If you go to a wake, you have to be in the room with the family, not smoking and chatting with the rest of the people who come. It is not the time to hold a social meeting.

Recommendations for planning a funeral

Thinking ahead of time about what will inevitably happen in the future can help you make well informed and thoughtful decisions regarding the planning of funeral arrangements. Planning allows you to choose the specific items and services you want and need, and gives you the ability to compare the prices of various funeral providers.